Eyepopper Fishing Charters
What to Bring...

....on the day of your fishing trip!
Food and Drink
Email Link
Ohio Fishing License
Soft soled shoes
Fish Friendly Sun screen
Good Weather
Sea Sick?
For all crew 16 years or older.
To keep the crew from slipping and protect the decks.
Protect the crew from over-exposure to the sun---hats and sunglasses.
A container to take home all the fish we catch.!
Those snapshots will be great!
Jackets and Raingear!
Be sure to take medication 1 hour before boarding the boat.
What ever your crew would like to eat and drink on the trip-
no glass bottles or hard liquor please.
Booking Info
Fishing Links
Pic. Album
This page was last updated on: May 10, 2017